We like cool airplanes. When you are done drooling over the latest and fastest fighter or the luxurious seating on the newest airliner, come over to MonkeyBait and check out what real men fly in the world of aviation.

The Carbon Cub SS is a completely re-engineered version of the venerable Piper Super Cub used by the bush pilots all over the world. The original Super Cub is a workhorse, connecting remote locations in places like Alaska, the African continent, and South America to the rest of the world. CubCrafters, know for their excellent restorations of older Super Cubs, has taken this knowledge and built the ultimate Cub with the Carbon Cub SS.

This airplane is designed under FAA’s Light Sport Aircraft rules, making a license to fly it easy to attain. It’s designed as a “go anywhere” airplane. Think of it as the ultimate off-road vehicle.


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