The largest Radio Control fly-in is currently underway in Woodruff, SC (Joe Nall 2012). As one would expect, the big guns of R/C are out in force. Desert Aircraft is always present and showing off their latest and greatest engine designs.

This week they managed to knock the entire community on it’s ear.

Even if you aren’t into R/C you have to admit, the engine above is DEAD sexy. This is DA’s first four-stroke and they have knocked it out of the park. It’s 250cc’s of pure, unadulterated MADE IN THE USA sexiness. No compromises.

Oh, and did we mention it’s SUPERCHARGED. Yeah. That.

It’s not available yet, but the owner of DA is committed to bringing it to market. Pricing will be exorbitant…but you get what you pay for. DA’s support is second to none. So click the link below and get some more information on the new 250FS from our friends at


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