Keep the Band-Aids and Advil, our preference for first aid treatment comes in a bottle. Or, in this case, a flask. The First Aid Flask proudly displays your desire to fight off pain with a little nip. We’d recommend keeping an actual first aid kit on hand (whiskey won’t help a ton if you remove your finger with a bandsaw), but for the normal wear and tear of everyday life, this the only help we need.

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Just in is the FIRST COMMERCIALLY available Remington XM2010 M24 rifle for sale. It is chambered in .300 Win Mag and includes everything shown. This entire set up comes in a coyote tan soft case inside of the Pelican hard case. Even the scope and your cleaning kit come with hard cases that fit inside the coyote case. Suppressor also comes with a wrap. For serious inquiries and pricing click on the jump.

Caliber: .300 Winchester Magnum
Range: 1200 m
Receiver: Remington M24
Barrel: 22″ 5R Profile, 1 turn in 10″ RH
Suppressor: AAC TiTan
Trigger: Remington M24
Stocks: Remington Arms Chassis System (RACS)
Magazine: 5 rd. Detachable Box
Optics: Leupold MKIV ERT 6.5-20x w/ H-58 Reticle
Bipod: Harris
Rings: Badger Ordnance
Weight: 12.1 lbs
Length: w/o Suppressor – 46.5″ : w/ Suppressor – 52″
Accessories: Hard Case, Soft Case, Deployment Kit, Cleaning Kit



Men agree, there’s no better gift than a bottle of booze. But in the excitement of receiving such a thoughtful present, must you immediately cave to the pressure and hit it straight off the bottle? Not if you also get this card. It contains an easy-to-fold, pop-out origami shot glass. Slightly awesome, yes.

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