You’ve got it all: the man cave, the ginormous flat screen, a pimple free complexion.  However, you’re probably missing the Villain Chair.  Sure, world domination isn’t on your agenda. We all agreed on that, right?  But there is nothing like turning around and greeting your guests in the same vein of a bad guy straight out of a James Bond film.

Enter the Villain Chair.  It’s a whopping $7,000 and for that kind of cash you could buy a car or very nice motorcycle.  But keep in mind that the Villain Chair is hand crafted using steel and 20 padded leather facets on formed aluminium.  In other words any way you site, however big or you are, the Villain Chair should be able to mold to your awkwardly shaped body.  Strangely enough the Villain Chair is made by a company called Suck UK – let’s hope they mean you’ll suck less when you buy their furniture – still odd, though.

(Small print: missile silo and fluffy white cat are sold separately.)

GET IT – $7,000


Dudes don’t normal get stoked about side tables, this one’s an exception. All Illusion tables are handmade, individual and unique. The design gives the impression of a table cloth on a round table. However, the object uses the structural strength of the folded material to create a magical and surprising experience.

BUY NOW – $450


Furniture makers Varier are offering space-age Zen goodness in the form of the limited edition Gravity Balans recliner. Varier claims that the Gravity Balans’ fully reclined position is “probably the closest you will get to zero gravity”, because in it one ends up in a position where the feet are higher than the heart. You guys figure that one out.

The shape of the chair is definitely weird; even Varier says it’s weird. And we all know that weirdly shaped furniture = expensive furniture. Not one to rebel,the Gravity Balans sells for $1,200. Clearly only handsome painters with level 2 stubble who love to nap after painting will be able to afford this.

Each of the 250 Gravity Balans recliners will be signed and numbered by its designer, Peter Opsvik. Buyers can customize their purchase with various colors and accents, and can even choose to have a “kid-friendly” version. I assume that the kid-friendly version can be used to go sledding. While experiencing zero gravity.

BUY NOW – $1200